Project Description

Some people start diving because they want to be able to take Photos under water. The scenery below the waves offers very unusual, colorful and beautiful objects and sights to capture with a camera.

To be able to take photos under water, the diving skills must be on a good, workable level, you don’t really want to take the last breath from the tank at 30 metres, or exceed bottom times because the perfect photo is just in the making.

To be able to take good photos under water, you have to also know how to use the camera and adjust for the different circumstances under water. This is what the underwater photography course is all about.

You can earn the Digital Underwater Photographer certification in as little as one day, but if you want to expand your experience with our experienced instructor, you can choose additional days that will focus in different aspects of underwater photography (diving with the camera and basics of the U/W photography- Macro -Wideangle) with more time for the exercises and feedback in each of the focus areas.

You can bring your own camera or rent or buy a digital underwater camera from Railay Dive Center.

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