Project Description

Padi Scuba diver is the first entry level course, where you will do roughly 60% of the OWD course requirements, so it only takes 2 days: 1 day for the skills practices and 1 day for 2 open water dives to 12 meters depth. You can later continue your education towards the OWD when ever you want.

Many people want to dive only on the holidays and always have a guide with them to show the best sights under water. Most of the marine life tends to enjoy the light, shallow waters between 5-12 meters. Also you could argue that the light is best at these shallow depths for photographs. If these are your goals in diving, then you might want to concider the Suba Diver course. This option is also perfect for those who want to gain more supervised experience after this course before moving on to be an independent diver and completing the full Open Water Diver course.

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